Athena Rose looking over the course

Athena looking over the course. She is one of the first Biewers to participate in serious Agility competitions. She is smart, fearless, and fast as a bullet so do follow her as she continues her talent with intelligence as she will be marking a legacy. She is 5.2 pounds as an adult and loves the games. Check out the second annual Agility champions for Westminster and a much greater understanding of these little dogs, obedience and team work is a major focus. She competes with an 8 inch double jump, and is perfecting the course at hand with her speed holding records for her matches.

Double Jump

Athena Rose

Athena descending 8 foot slide

ATHENA ROSE Competes 45 foot tube like the big dogs

Athena Rose winning her Match

Athena Rose - 10 inch jump

Another double jump - For small dogs her timing is perfect!

Racing up the Slide.